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Estate PlanningEstate Planning
A careful analysis of your situation allows the Law Office Forest Myers to tailor your estate planning documents to your specific needs. No two wills or powers of attorney are identical. Each one needs to address the circumstances of your family. You may need a trust for minor children or a Special Needs Trust for a mentally or physically challenged child or family. Only by seeking out your special situation can a lawyer carefully craft these important documents to meet those unique issues.



Estate AdministrationEstate Administration
Using the latest technology, the Law Office Forest Myers efficiently and expeditiously can settle your deceased loved one’s estate. Forest and his staff work hard to relieve you from the stress of settling an estate when your thoughts are elsewhere. His office makes an unpleasant situation as easy as possible. He has settled estates with values over $2 million and as little as $5,000.00. Each aspect of an estate is handled personally by Forest and the personal representative is kept informed of every detail of the settlement.



realestateReal Estate
Having settled the purchase or sale of over 1,000 properties Forest understands real estate. He is able to provide competent legal counsel prior to the purchase or sale of a property and to provide title insurance when required. He personally handles each settlement to be certain the settlement takes place smoothly, explaining to the buyers all aspects of the property they are acquiring, whether it is an easement or a restriction so that they are not surprised later – after they are the owners. He carefully reviews the loan documents and explains the terms of all documents in common language so the buyers are aware of their obligations and responsibilities.



Municipal LawMunicipal Law
Forest Has served as a municipal solicitor for 30 years, representing a municipal governing body as well as a municipal authority. He is well aware of the requirements for land subdivisions and land uses as well as the extension of municipal services such as water and sewer lines. He has represented private developers in creating subdivisions and construction of homes as well as the creation of condominium projects.



MediationArbitration and Mediation
Forest has undergone extensive training to qualify as an arbitrator and mediator in Pennsylvania. These provide an efficient and economical way of resolving disputes, avoiding the lengthy and expensive court proceedings otherwise necessary. In addition, they avoid the emotional issues associate with prolonged litigation.

Forest has recently completed extensive training to qualify as a mediator in Orphans’ Court litigation matters under the newly enacted Orphans’ Court Rule of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.